About this blog

LP Photography is a blog to discover, learn and improve your photography, aimed at those who are still uncertain if shooting photos is their thing and more experienced photographers alike.

Everything here is geared towards teaching things from the ground up, which is why manual mode and manual lenses are preferred. This also lets us keep all the equipment cost down so that everyone can start and experiment to discover if photography is the way of their life, a hobby they enjoy, or something they just can’t cope with!

Here you’ll find tutorials, guides, reviews and various tips and tricks which will make your photos standout.

The core philosophy is to offer all the material in this website absolutely free of charge and keep the website 100% free from ads.
Still, there are several costs involved in keeping a website online and updated with a constant stream of new content every week.
This is why donations, either through our Paypal Donate button or buying a photo, are always welcomed and vital to keep this blog going.
If you don’t feel like donating, then you can still support me by using the Amazon and eBay affiliate links you’ll find throughout the website: you don’t have to buy that exact thing, you can visit the link and then buy whatever you like within 24 hours and I’ll get a small percentage of the amount of money you’ve spent.


About me

My name is Luca Pennacchioni, I am a Java and Web Developer at heart, but I’ve come to learn to do all sort of things in the IT industry.
I love reading, playing videogames, listening to all kind of music and hiking with my camera in my backpack to try and capture whatever interesting things I see.

I’ve always loved shooting photos, but only recently I’ve finally managed to get a proper camera and start studying how to take perfect and unique pictures.
Now I’m here sharing my knowledge in the hope that someone will discover this wonderful world and enjoy it as much as I do.

You can find more about me at my website.


Contact me

Although I prefer to interact with my followers through the comments on this website, if you wish you can contact me by filling the following contact form.